How To Deal With Water Damage

Posted on: 10 October 2018

Finding water damage in your home is an unwelcome wake up call, and usually alerts you to a hidden plumbing issue that you didn't know existed. Beyond calling a plumber to deal with the underlying issue that caused the water damage in the first place, there are a few things that you should do to get your home back in working order again and to prevent as much lasting water damage as possible.
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Three Ways Mold Could Sneak Into Your Home Along With Water Damage

Posted on: 27 January 2017

Hidden mold does nobody any good, and it can actually cause all kinds of problems for you and your family, including but not limited to health problems and irritation, damage to the structure of your home and any materials it grows on, extensive repair costs, and even decreasing the value of the home itself should you ever want to sell. So it's a good idea to check occasionally and make sure mold hasn't somehow snuck its way into your home (though not your heart).
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Act Quickly to Remove Smoke Stains from Your Carpet and Walls

Posted on: 11 August 2016

While the fire might cause the most irreparable damage, the smoke that comes from the fire can also cause significant damage, including smoke stains. While some smoke stains can never be removed, if you are fast, you may be able to clean and remove other smoke stains to salvage your carpet and walls.  Protecting Yourself When cleaning soot from walls, you will need to protect yourself. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself from the charred remains of your home.
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Two Common Questions About Homeowners With Water Damaged Houses

Posted on: 18 February 2016

If you have has been unfortunate enough to suffer extensive water damage, you will need to have it repaired as soon as possible to ensure that the damage is limited. Unfortunately, delaying water damage repairs can give time for rot and mold to develop, which will greatly complicate and lengthen the repair process. For those that have only recently encountered serious water damage for the first time, learning the answers to a couple of common insurance repair questions will give you a more solid understanding of what should be expected during these repairs.
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